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Close your eyes

Wherever you go there are things you see
That keep you imprisoned and down
All day long you see ugly faces
And the crowd is always around

You deal with people who are stupid and mad
And they force on you their mind
You don't know the difference you've got used to it
For such a long long time

    Close your eyes
    Don’t see the shit ‘round you
    Close your eyes
    And don’t forget it’s not your reality
    You’re only put in this place and in this time

Your parents and teachers are united against you
They want you to be like them
Your neighbours and the people you’re with in the city
They all are against you again

The things they tell you have nothing to do
With your feelings and your dreams
It’s rubbish and for them just pastime
But this is what you cannot see


When I was a child

When I was a child
And I learned to tie
The laces of my shoes
The technique that I used
Was the one with two bows
In our head there were holes
When we got wounded at the heater
In the garden it was sweeter
We made daisy chains
Or just smelled the ground
We danced in the rain
Or splashed around

The rain flooded the drain
So the rats came out
My daddy with a spade
He struck them down
He played in the basement
The dreadful wraith and
Gave us a fright
Just to have a good time
Tents we built
Out of tables and quilt
I just can’t describe
The feeling there inside

When I was a child
We waited all night
For the hedgehog with milk
And caressed him like silk
My girlfriend she was cute
We played parachute
With the seeds of dandelions
We puffed away millions
They landed in the sand
At the feet of my friend
She baked me mud pies
And was always very nice

I never could see
That D comes before E
The S had unjustly
Its turn before T
Well IKL
Made me think of Kim la Belle
The B after the ace
Wasn’t worth the second place
The number of blue
Was 1 and red was 2
Yellow stood for five
And seven for white

When I was a boy
I was beaming with joy
The sweets I couldn’t keep
But leeks made me weep
I dunked like my old
Grandma salted rolls
In hot sweet coffee
So it tasted like honey
Susan was wild
I took her for a ride
By her pony tail
It made me feel male

Out of every text
Jumped to me the X
It reminded me of sex
Then I got on its tracks
I’d construct a soap-box
And dreamed of a little job
I got meself clean
Pretty and dressed up
But I always had to see
That I really messed up
A constant agony from which
I just couldn’t rest up

It's not me

In the stifling heat
And the sticky streets
with aching feet
it's not me

who’s hemmed in
and penned in
a van in
the underground

    it's not me
    I’m elsewhere
    it's not me
    I don’t know where
    it's not me
    it's not me
    it’s not me

who struggles
every morning
to get out of his bed
it’s not me
who's in trouble
fucking working
it's driving him mad


in the traffic of war
and the racket of cars
it's not me

who walks in zig-zags
among hundreds of legs
it’s not me


Nightmares of death

In my dreams I’m dying
To me it seems as if it’s real
It’s horrifying I’m almost crying
Is there a meaning besides what I feel

Does it mean that I’m wasting the hours
Is it cause I’m lazy mean
Am I punished for being coward
What is the meaning of this crazy dream

    These nightmares of death what’s the reason why
    I’m scared and frightened I don’t wanna die
    Why do I die in my dreams
    Somebody tell me what it means

Usually I don’t ask such questions
But this time it is much too strange
Could it be that I’m gonna die
Or is it a warning that tells me to change

I ask my friend do you think it’s the end
She tells me be easy baby it’s not aids
It’s rather how you live the advice I’d give
Look forward is what it takes


I call my doctor I say doctor
Please explain am I insane
The doctor on the phone says it’s because you’re alone
Sometimes my vein’s the same

I went to a gypsy I told her my dream
What’s the message please help me stop the fear
She looked in her cards there were no hearts
And said you’ll die in a year


One day

One day it all will change
Than the real life begins
Just wait my friend and brush your teeth
Look after your skin

Squeeze your pimples hoover your room
Shop eat vegetables
Take the chance to sleep it off
Jog and catch the balls

Learn a language eat vitamins
Dance and breathe clean air
Do gymnastics go to libraries
It’s tomorrow you prepare

Don’t sit around so sluggishly
Regard the hidden things
Provide them with an aura
Or pull your guitar strings

Try to speak to find out
When it all began
And when it ended up

Tell me when do you think
Will it all begin
And tell me when it ends


You can bust it
When you feel it
You can bust it
When you feel it

Now we can stop the rain
For we bust clouds
Now we can stop the pain
For we bust (those) clouds in our brain

You can bust it
When you feel it
You can bust it
When you feel it

Now we can stop the rain
For we bust clouds
Now we can stop the pain
For we bust (those) clouds in our brain

Let’s bust these clouds
Let’s bust these clouds now
Let’s bust these clouds
Let’s bust these clouds now

See my eyes

See my eyes are they tired & small
Hear my broken voice as I call
I’m no more the boy you knew
When my face shone bright into yours

Is my skin not dry & pale
Are my words not bound to fail
My body is much too hard
Lost inside is my heart

My mind is muzzy my feelings confused
While I cry myself I accuse
What is true and what is real
What I think or what I feel?

My Garden Eden

My Garden Eden
Peace everywhere
Flowers & beasts
Together they share

Meadow & willow
So green & lush
There's no exploitation
Machines just hush

My Garden Eden
Reigned by a king
Who's gracious & just
With a big diamond ring

At his side
There's a princess
Who's shining with beauty
And tenderness

Through my Garden Eden
Flows a little stream
Where fishes spring
And pebbles beam

Over the bridge
Maiden dance & sing
To angel’s horns
And heavenly strings


We’ll be lucky in our future
(‘cause) in the future we have the trust
We are happy ‘bout our future
‘cause now we trust in us

We know we’ll be happy
Because we trust
We know we’ll be happy oh yeah
Because we trust in us

Now we trust in our future
(‘cause) we know we have the luck
Now we trust in happiness
Now we trust in us

We know we’ll be happy
Because we trust
We know we’ll be happy oh yeah
Because we trust in us

Looking For A Love 

When you were a boy it always seemed so easy
to get on with the girls
you never thought about, everything was pleasing
it was just a simple world
but these days are gone
there ain’t no-one
today you’re busy, you got things to do
‘stead of looking for a love

you are still young and there’s always much fun
and still you’re looking good
but time runs out you better think about
what happens if you would
throw your love away
or put off to another day
but you turn it down you say it’s working out
when you start looking for your love

I know these days you endure quiet good
your loneliness
but it could be for eternity
did you imagine that?
there’s no way back
you gonna regret
that you stopped looking for a love
your hands will be frozen and your heart’ll be cold
when you stop looking for love

Be like this

I feel so tense so totally closed
Spirit’s burning in me
There are so many things inside me own
But that’s completely unknown

    Why have I to be like this
    Why like in a cage
    I can’t no more go on this way
    I must get out of here
    What can I do to leave this hell
    How can I change
    What have I to take (or) what have I to pay
    To be able to pass and get free

(But) I don’t know any way to leave
And you surely neither do
I don’t know what would happen
I guess something completely new


I must get free now or else I die
There is no other way
And if I’d sigh and if I’d cry
It’s the hell for me here to stay



You have no violence
You have no sin at all
You are so silent
You don’t heed the call
But if I come to see you you’re so dead
Sometimes I wonder to meet you out of bed

You put everything everywhere anything nowhere you walk and talk
Just to fill it up
And I’m the fool to answer you but whatever I do
You’re a bottomless cup
And all the milk you drink won’t be enough
To be satisfied there ain’t no stuff

You had those far away eyes
But you didn’t see me next to you
You see the glitter and the glamour
Of things you didn’t do
But there will be a day when I shall say
You didn’t believe in me that’s what I’ll say

You describe everything you tear it apart
In your microcosm you rummage around
But your descriptions and your criticism you can stick it
Don’t bring me down
Don’t you know your culture is only an extension
Of reflexes and animal reactions


When I was a kid I was okay
All I can do now is regret it.
You say don't look back and go your way
But I just can't forget it.

    Coz now I'm dead
    And don't feel nothin'
    Neither bad
    Nor good things

Sometimes I ask myself what to do or what to be
But all I see is darkness
You say just close your eyes, don't try to see
Then I'm kinda mindless


I'm all alone and that’s why I’m down
All I have to do is relate to someone
But even you don't care and tell me just to come around
You should know then where I'd come from.

    Coz I'm dead as one can be
    And I really wish to see
    Give me bad or give me good things
    But Lord please make me feel

The River

once there was a flat land so green & so wide
wild meadow & willow the whole countryside
and through all these pastures & earth edenlike
flowed a strong and blue large river

this way of water and that fertile floor
and the beautiful country much men they did draw
the banks became stone and so the land more & more
it was stretched out for window & door

cobbles collected, stones spread around
an enormous area, no meter missed out
and all the dirt that was brought about
got in the good old river

and today it flows the same old way
through concrete & steel, stones so grey
through iron & glass, there’s no more clay
by the bank of that orphan river

it winds the same way for thousands of years  
but things around changed, it all disappeared
the calm where birds sang in the air so clear
the talk of flowers with bear & deer

now it’s noisy & near, the fawns they sear
and rabbits rear their young in fear
but it stayed the same in commotion & haste
though it shares its bed with sewage & waste

the ones that it welcomed pour dirt into it
they exploit-its power with stations they fit
they make use of it it's got no defence
they abuse it and its confidence

bank reinforcement, surveyor’s slats
on which divers climb down in gears and helmets
they dive in slowly into water like wax
in the dark looming dykes weirs embankments

they will build it up from above utterly
with highways & houses, it won’t be seen
beneath slabs it will flow to the sea
the hidden out-driven river

it won’t tell anymore from the former times
that treasure of knowledge will be dumb & blind
and in its grief it will start to dry
losing belief it will decide to die

and after weeks alone through stone
it comes into nature, finally home
then it’s glad it starts to glitter
the always young and happy river

it says hello to cow & tree
to sparrow & sheep, meadow & bee
to all the friends that it knows
since the beginning long ago

for all the dirt it feels ashamed
but to its friends it’s still the same
and though it lost a bit of size
they love it still and recognize
(their companion the river)

the river still carries depth & peace
and the wisdom of the centuries
but that powerful quietness is overcome by disease
it writhes for spitting out the lees
and all the friends stand there & shiver
what happened to the branded river

the cow too is no more the same
the trees are sick, they all have been changed
but the river still loves them and sends them a wave
and they wave back from the grass where they stay

and on its bank are the nature-loving people
the good-hearted humans they sit there & weep
its grief is big, don’t let it deepen
in this morning bath don’t let your tears steep

but in their presence it’s glad & pleased
although the suffering they cannot cease
these people give comfort to it and ease
climb on the Eiffel tower there you’ll see
this silent impressive river